Examples of Companies structured to assist you in creating sustainable multiple income streams

(I consult with companies directly to optimize current revenues as well as introducing new income possibilities synergistic with existing business sector and practices. After consultation and analysis I recommend companies below or similar, and you are, of course, also free to explore on your own. )

Please note:

–       You set yourself up in your own business

–       Very low cost of set up, less than $500 in most cases

–       Zero or very low monthly expenses

–       You do not need to buy inventory

–       You are not required to sell anything

–       You need to plug into all training, calls, webinars and workshops

–       You will enjoy the products and should be using them anyway

–       Pick one any one that appeals and take advantage of the system in place to help you succeed i.e. follow the training program

–       You decide how many hours a week you want to commit, and as long as you are consistent and do not quit you will succeed.


Love to travel ? Want to travel ? What if you could also create an additional income stream within the travel industry, with people holding your hand all the way through the process ? What if the company offered you the best training in making this work for you, each and every month, by the people who were already making money with the company ? What if it only cost you $365, $1 a day to start your own business and that was tax deductable ? What if it gave you the option of $99 mini vacations every week and $79 cruises ?  Would you do it ?

www.LilyLovesIt.com or www.LilyWorldTravel.biz

Fat Burning Coffee & Tea

Love coffee, drink it every day ? What if you could drink a healthier, better tasting coffee that also helped you lose weight AND made you additional income just for sharing it with others or telling them about it ? What if this was THE ONLY fat burning coffee in the world ? What if you had a team of people helping you do it ? What if it only cost you $99 to get into this business for yourself and the coffee was delivered to your house every month for free ? What if this coffee and all its product claims were back up by an award winning scientist and available on your own web site that anyone could check out any time of the day or night ? Would you do it ?


Cell phones

What if you could get your monthly unlimited talk, text and data cell phone service for free, and help others get their cell phone service for free ? And what if you could create income for yourself while you do it ?  Would you do it ?

http://www.LilyLikesThis.com  or  www.BestTalkTextData.com

Shopping for Quality & Value

Love to find great new products ? Prefer to buy the best of the best without the higher prices ? What if there were a company that scoured the world for the best products and bought them at super low prices because of the volume they needed, and what if this company got the price even lower by having it made under a different name, but in the same factory as the high end version that cost so much more in other stores ? What if this store was a local store that was run by people like you for the local community, and what if there were thousands of them all over your city ? Would you prefer to buy where people knew you and knew your name ? And what if you not only got the lower prices, but also got paid on everything you bought and everything bought by anyone you referred, anywhere in the world that these stores ? And what if you loved this so much and told so many people that you made so much extra income that the company actually gave you a store of your own for NO COST, they paid all the monthly rent and expenses and you received income from everything sold in the store ? Would you shop there ? Would you buy a membership for only $60 and $30 a year after that ?

www.ShopQualityAndValue.com – ID#: US108131F Lily Steiner




The decision to start a business is a serious one, in terms of time, money and energy.  If you are a business owner, you must have considered the expenses both in start up and on going costs, as well as projected income from anticipated sales and numbers of customers daily, weekly and monthly. How much time have you also spent looking at all the different ways to create income in your business ?

I am always amazed at how nail salons and foot spas are able to meet their rent, and also make a profit. They do a wonderful job and charge so little, that even with generous tips from clients, I often wonder if they make enough to really make it worthwhile to come to work day after day.  Especially after spending money on advertising, coupons, direct mail and other marketing necessities.

I would like to give you just one example of how these salons in particular can create additional income for owners. There are other ways which I will cover in other articles, and I am also happy to consult directly with salons.

Buying products to resell to customers then changes the nature of the business and can be costly to maintain stock levels of items to sell in the salon.  A new type of business model, through eCosway makes this easier and more profitable.  eCosway pays you to refer them business. In the same way as you recommend a movie or book to a friend, when you are doing a foot spa or a nail service, you can use a high end moisturizer on the client. You offer the additional service, of moisturizer to the client as an ‘up sell’ or ‘add on’ to the service and let them know they are able to take it home with them. So instead of selling a client a moisturizer, you offer this moisturizer with the service for an additional $10 and they take the rest of tube home with them. Bioglo Intensive Hand & Nail Cream (http://www.ecosway.com/usstore/us/ProductDetails_us.jsp?prodId=74184&categoryRefNo=104&categoryGroup=B) The moisturizer costs less than $5 so the salon makes an additional profit, but more importantly, when the client takes the moisturizer home, the salon gives them the web address and street address of where they can buy more of this moisturizer, and the salon ID# to buy it.  Then, every time the client buys this or any other product at eCosway, the salon receives money from the sale and also from any other referrals the client makes to friends. The salon does not need to know them, but because the original item was bought through the ID# of the salon, all sales that come from this will always credit to the salon.

eCosway provides a web site with a back office that allows the salon to log on and see what the activity is on their ID# at any time, and eCosway has stores and customers all over the world, so an ID# in the U.S. also works in China or Malaysia or Vietnam. eCosway sells many other things for the home and car and personal needs, anything bought at their stores or web site is credited to an ID#, so as a salon owner you can be receiving money back on anything bought at the store. You can go to the store web site at: www.ShopQualityAndValue.com or visit an actual store where they also have business overviews and explain how the salon owner is paid. The total cost of starting the program in your store is only $60 first time and $30 a year.

So, if you have 10 chairs in your salon, and you turn over the chairs only 5 times a day, out of 50 clients only 10 clients a day agree to the ‘special moisturizer’ that is an additional $100 a day or $700 a week, and on top of that you get paid by eCosway once they buy direct.

by Lily Steiner, eCosway ID# US108131A

eCosway stores :

Head Office: 15221 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618

eCosway – 526 East Valley Blvd, Suite B, San Gabriel, CA, 91776 (bet. Delmar and San Gabriel)

Artesia Oasis Plaza – 17801 Suite E Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, CA 90701

Kangen Water Store – 1700 W. Glenoaks Suite E. Glendale, Ca 91201 (corner Western and Glenoaks)

eCosway – 24667 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance CA,90505


Lily Steiner – www.MyMultipleIncomeStreams.com



Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.



You Cannot Successfully Apply for a New Job When:

1. You are unhappy or depressed.
So you have lost your job, so have lots of other people, now Get Over It !
There is so much good stuff out there waiting to happen, and there is no way you are even going to see it if people are enabling you to stay unhappy or depressed.  I don’t care if that is the way you feel, pretend. Yes, that’s right, I said PRETEND you are happy and behave your way to success.  Take stock of what you have around you, make a list of at least 10 things you are really grateful for in your life right now, and read that list every time you start to feel low. Make a new list each and every day.

2. You are stressed. Prepare a blank spiral notebook and a pen. Lie down, close your eyes and breathe. Concentrate on your breath, feel it coming out of your nose. Keep your eyes shut. Do this till you are aware there are no more thoughts in your head. If you fall asleep, you need to, congratulations ! Just concentrate on your breathing.  Count to ten slowly once your head is completely clear of thoughts. Remember SLOWLY count to ten. Pick up the pen put a date and time on the top of the page of your spiral bound notebook and then list all the things you have to do. One line per item. Keep writing till you have listed everything, whether it is immediate or for next week or next month.  Read your list. If you have written – go to the store, get a separate note pad and make a shopping list; next time write – make a shopping list instead of go to the store. If you wrote – find a job, write that at the bottom of your list, and breakdown items you need to do to accomplish this underneath, as type of sub set i.e. – write resume, get someone to write a resume for me etc.  Then, take stock of what you have around you, make a list of at least 10 things you are really grateful for in your life right now, and read that list every time you start to feel low. Make a new list each and every day.

3. You are a Pessimist. Imagining all the terrible things that will happen if you do not find another job, is not going to help you find that job. So, make a list all the very worst things that could possibly happen to you in your current situation. Number them. Take each one and write your way to your very worst nightmare. Spare nothing make it as bad as it could possibly get. I.e. I have no money, I will be thrown out of my house, I will be living on the street. I will have no food. I will die alone and starving.  Keep going – I will be buried in an unmarked grave.  Now go back and from the worst work your way up the list, filling in why this would not happen. I.e. I will be buried in an unmarked grave – too many people know who I am and so that just would not happen, at worst my grave would have my name on it etc.  Take stock of what you have around you, make a list of at least 10 things you are really grateful for in your life right now, and read that list every time you start to feel low. Make a new list each and every day.

4. You have a fear of proving yourself again. What if I can’t do the job ?  Make a list of all your friends and people who love you. Call them and ask them what are the 3 things they most like about you. Write them down with the name of the person. The make a list of people who have worked with you either on jobs, committees or community projects, and call and ask them if they could help you with a project you are working on by telling you 3 things you did well on projects you had worked on.  Once you have this feedback, sit down and write a note to each of the people you spoke to thanking them for their feedback, and letting them know 3 things you appreciate about them, and recalling a time or event you both enjoyed together. Take stock of what you have around you, make a list of at least 10 things you are really grateful for in your life right now, and read that list every time you start to feel low. Make a new list each and every day.

5. You have a fear of the unknown. Not sure what the new situation will be like, so not sure you will be able to handle it. Okay, let you imagination go into full gear. Make up every single possible scenerio that will make your situation worse than it already is.  Make sure you have at least 5 because when asked to do this, most people cannot get passed one or two.  Write these scenerios out to the most absurd level with the darkest thought you have. Now read them out loud, and continue – this would actually never happen because and explain with your rational mind that you are in fact a capable and worthy human being who would be able to turn these situations around even if any of them did start to eventuate.  Read this to someone you love and trust who you can kiss passionately after you have finished. Take stock of what you have around you, make a list of at least 10 things you are really grateful for in your life right now, and read that list every time you start to feel low. Make a new list each and every day.

Better yet, visit my web site below and find a new opportunity. It will keep you productive while looking for a job, provide you a whole new set of tools which you will find useful in any future endeavor, and introduce you to a whole new social network.

Lily Steiner – www.MyMultipleIncomeStreams.com


Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.

Make More Money

Having a job and regular income in today’s economy is a great thing, and if you love what you do it is nirvana, but it is even better to be able to control what you actually want to earn and not be dependent on the check someone writes you each week or month. Today it is so easy to take back some of that control.  Part time if you have a job, or if you are looking for one, or if you are not working and open to a little or a lot more income.

The new corporation is not squeezing every cent of profit out for themselves, they are sharing with the people helping them build the business. Not because they have developed a huge heart, but because it makes good business sense.  They are going to make a whole lot more money and get greater loyalty from people like you, if they are also helping you get what you want, and making you successful.

Yes, you can be good at what you do, AND actually get paid what you are worth, and there are companies out there who want you to grow your own business and help you succeed because it also helps them grow their business and create greater success, and their way of motivation is sharing the profits. Giving you a piece of that great corporate pie that has made millionaires in the past and is making the billionaires of the future.

There is a trade off, they are paying on performance, and not just because you show up. You do have to get your own desk, but that desk can be at the beach or a coffee shop or overseas, but what a great system ! They still give you all the training, marketing tools and support, and you not only get all the opportunities to make a lot more money, but also to build your own business, usually for a very low investment of around $300 to start and monthly overhead costs of around $100, and if you have ever started a business you realize how ridiculously little that is, especially when you can also get that investment back really quickly.

I have personally met thousands of people who have substantially increased their income this way. I have met tens of thousands who have not. So what is it and what makes the difference between those that do and do not ?

First thing that is really important is that you really look at the opportunity closely. You need to know about the people behind the business, who they are, what their motivation is. You need to believe in the product or service you will be working with, this is key, you need to see the value and it must be something you use yourself.  It is important to get excited, but you also need to make sure the company is legal and solid and has a growth plan.

You need to look at how you get paid, and speak to the people already doing it.  You see, if you are going to put your heart and soul into a business, even one that is not a huge financial investment, you get to interview the company, in just the same way you have been interviewed for a job, because you really are going into business together, and your intention needs to be to hugely succeed, and believe  it will  become your major income source for the future.

So here is the really critical part; know why you want to succeed.

Know clearly and feel strongly why you want to make more money and change your lifestyle. If there is truly nothing you would change in your life, know that and decide if you want to do this for fun, or to help others, what ever it is, just know definitely and passionately why you are going to succeed and why success is not an option but a destination.  Also know that you will need to work with passion for at least a year or two. There are no ‘get rich quick’ schemes.  You may be able to make lots of money quickly if you put in as much effort as you do in a regular job you are good at, but if you want to build a business that will continue to payout over your lifetime, count on at least a couple of great years of success that will pay for an active and early retirement.

So what are some of these new business paradigms that I have been talking about ?  These opportunities are called Network Marketing, or MLM, Multi Level Marketing, or that Pyramid thing, or something I tried, or my friend tried, that never worked out.  If you are fortunate enough to know people who have taken proper advantage of these new business paradigms, you may also have heard them referred to as an Amazing New Business opportunity, something you have to see, or that thing that made John and Mary millionaires in less than a year.

I bought expensive juices and vitamins that are sold in this business model, and the products are great, because I bought them and used them, but could not sell them to my friends or people I met, I just did not see the value. I still use some of these, but never made a penny from them, but there are some other products and services that make much more sense to me and create a win win situation for everyone, so they are the ones I want to share with you with the reasons I see them as a true win win situation for all involved.

The first company that changed my life and opened my mind to this new business environment is World Venture; a travel company that offers lower cost travel while putting the service element back into the travel industry,  and an amazing worldwide travel club, Dreamtrips, that offer 5 star vacations around the world, for 2 and 3 star prices, at a super low cost that is affordable to everyone (a five day cruise for $69). There  are no monthly fees if you share it with 4 people who you want to travel with, and you even get to travel for free if you tell lots of people about it and they join the company.

This company has grown so much since I joined them 6 years ago, they are now International which means that I now own an International Travel Company that let’s people travel at a 5 star level for 2 or 3 star prices, and because it is open overseas, my business is now open 24/7.  The company has just created an amazing social networking site for us that is competing with Facebook but I get paid by the social network MyRovia, and it has lots of ways for my friends to save and make real cash while they are sharing.

You can check it out at: http://www.LilyWorldTravel.biz just chose the country you live in from the drop down menu or if you are interested in the business opportunity, go to http://www.LilyLovesIt.com

Another opportunity I came across that blew me away because their payment system is sheer genius and so lucrative. I put this up front because it is what drew me to the company, but if their products did not resonate with me, I would not have touched this at all. Fortunately their product offering is also incredible.  Just like Costco they find the very best product in a category and then buy it in bulk so they get the very best prices, but unlike Costco, they not only sell it to you for less, they share the profits with you when you refer it to anyone else that also buys one. Can you imagine your bank account now if every time you found a great product at Costco and a friend you told went and got one too, and you got paid !

That is what eCosway is doing, and like Costco, they are setting up real brick and mortar stores all over the world, so you have the choice of shopping on line or at a real store. You get a membership card, just like Costco, but that member number is used to track everyone you refer and everyone they refer for as long as you are a member, so if your neighbor becomes a shopper and goes overseas and recommends it to her friends in other countries and they become members and buy products for years and years and years you keep adding members and get paid an over ride on all of that.  The system they use to make this work is brilliant and makes sense, but you do need to read about if to understand it, because it would, of course make no sense to pay everyone a set percentage, so if this sounds interesting check out the web site: www.ShopQualityAndValue.com and they are still developing the web site so you need to put in my name, Lily Steiner and my ID# US108131B to log in or buy something.

The products are the best of the best and some are unusual and interesting, and once again, you are building an international business.

I will tell you more about more companies I would recommend as I find them. When you are doing your own research, remember, they need to be great value, not overpriced products just so you can make money. They need to have great executives and management, and they need to be easy to share with others.

I do not suggest you do all of them, but I do encourage you to start with one, that appeals to you, take advantage of the training and resources the company provides and make sure you stay plugged in to the company as much as possible.

I applaud your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and your desire to have more. The more you have the more you can share in all areas of your life. Money gives you the freedom to make choice you really want and not because you ‘have to’.  Imagine where you would spend millions when you have them, not just the things you would buy yourself and your family, although go right ahead and indulge that dream too, but the places you would go, the opportunities you would set up for others. The good the money could do for those that have not yet found your secret to success.

My dream is for every family in India, Africa, every corner of the world to follow their passion and find the business opportunity a new age corporation had developed for them to live their dream. Not a donation, not a hand out, but a global free flowing economy that exchanges money for freedom in life.

Lily Steiner – www.MyMultipleIncomeStreams.com


Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.

Great Job !

Things have changed and will continue to change. Used to be you were dependant on a job to put food on the table. If you worked for a big corporation you were really lucky because it meant stability and a job for life. If you worked hard and long hours and didn’t take vacations you got great job benefits and could continue to work till retirement or death, whichever came first.
There were people you liked and people you didn’t like, but you respected your boss whether you liked him or not, because that was the only way to keep your job. There may have been things you could have done better, ideas that could have improved the company or working conditions, but it really didn’t pay to change things around or rock the boat, because that could cause trouble and you really didn’t want to stand out, because standing out meant you could lose your job. The last thing any one wanted to do was lose this great job with benefits that they could keep till they retired or died.
Only problem was that as human beings, as much as that job was really important, so were goals, dreams and aspirations, and the problem was that even if you worked your way up the ladder those real personal goals and private aspirations stayed dreams that were never realized.
Corporations were created to maximize profits for shareholders or owners and people were, and today some still are, to be used as efficiently and effectively as possible to sustain, maintain or better still expand those profit margins.
I am not suggesting that as a business owner or corporate executive there is anything wrong with that. Everyone was getting what he or she wanted. Management got loyalty and profits, workers got security and benefits, but as economies changed and competition increased and innovation provided new opportunities, corporations took risks that workers were too afraid to, and those risks did not always pay off. The result was that the corporations went under and all that security and especially those benefits disappeared overnight for those overworked and underpaid workers.
Now this may surprise you, but it really was the best thing in the world to happen to the workers. You see the unions working to keep their jobs and get them more benefits were really doing them a disservice. They were tethering them to the same life of servitude and subsistence. The new found freedom, after the initial shock and depression brought them to a realization that things had indeed changed, and they needed to change with them.
The new business model for large corporations, is that of sharing the wealth by sharing the profits. Huge new companies are now being formed with the infrastructure and expertise that is the backbone of any corporation, but instead of giving people jobs, they are giving them opportunities to share in the wealth by paying them for their actual achievements and allowing them to then do the same for others. They are providing the business plan and road map, all the tools and training, and offering partnership and the ability for everyone to grow together. It truly is a win – win – win for everyone.
An example of this new paradigm in business is Bob McNaulty. He successfully grew two billion dollar business and sold them and his newest endeavor is providing the tools and technology for individual wealth creation where people are in business for themselves but not by themselves.
Whereas franchises and traditional businesses cost tens if not hundreds of thousands to buy into, for a little over $300 and $100 a month, Bob gives you the opportunity to own your own on line shopping portal to everything good in on line retail. He has developed all the relationships with major manufacturers and negotiated deals and special pricing, sharing the profits on each product directly with the $300 investor – he will even give you a free store, so you don’t have to spend a penny. When you or anyone else shops on your own web store, you get paid. You can buy everything and anything, because if it is not in your own store, he also collected all the green stores and environmentally friendly stores on the web, then added everyone from Best Buy to Wal-Mart to Gucci and put a link on your web site to theirs, with the percentage of cash back next to the store name so you know what you get back before you buy. He even included all the coupons and other savings, so you really are getting the best price on the web and only after that adding the cash back. Now if you have a free store you share that cash back with who ever gave it to you, but if you pay your $329 and $100 a month, you get to give away as many free stores as you want and share those cash back checks. You also get to build your own business and every time you find someone you want to work with, and bring them on board, you get paid even more. Not one to do things by half, Bob also let’s you earn stock options, so as the company grows, so does your company value. And just to take sharing to that extra level, Bob has kicked in 5% of profits to be shared as a cash bonus every month, by everyone participating in the company as a paid storeowner. It’s just a win- win-win all round. You buy anyway, so why not buy at your own store, and don’t you want everyone else you know to also save money, so the more you share the more you earn. You can take a company tour at http://www.BuyEverythingHere.com and get the details.
Bob is just one example, this article is not an ad for Bob’s company, and so let me give you another example of this new business paradigm where founders are sharing the wealth.
Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent were very successful sales professionals and had made a lot of money in other people’s companies, building their own businesses but never feeling the wealth was really being shared in a way that was truly empowering, so when they got together, and decided to build their own company, they wanted to create not only a company, but a lifestyle people would say yes to. After all, if you are going to make lots and lots and I mean lots of money, why not also live a lifestyle that matches the wealth. They decided to build a luxury lifestyle, travel company that with a few years of solid dedication could provide you with the dream life, making money while taking vacations.
They put a lot of their own money into building the ultimate search engine in the travel industry and creating value and service in an industry that had become ‘do-it-yourself’ on line. In five long years they took their first dream trip, a 5 day cruise for $33, with port fees and taxes $159, and now offer over 400 Dreamtrips a year to destinations all over the world, together with a social network community about to give Facebook a run for its money. They offer anyone all the tools and an amazing training program that shows you what to do and how to do it and also develops you as a human being, physically and emotionally so you are ready for that Dreamlife once you grow that residual income. For only $300 you get an International travel business with a membership club you can grow all over the world. The monthly fees are under $100 per month, and when you share it with 4 people who become members, because they want to travel too, people who want to save on their own travel, create lifetime memories for their family and friends, and change what everyone else considers a ‘normal work day, the monthly fees go away completely, so you own an international business that has no overheads, and that you started for only $300. How much better than that can it get ?
You can check this one out in details at http://www.LilyWorldTravel.biz once again, this is about connecting with a new paradigm that absolutely works. Let me repeat that with a caveat, it absolutely works, if you do.
Here is the rub, in that good old job, if you did not do your job, you got fired and that was a powerful incentive. In this new paradigm, no one is going to fire you, but you need to make sure you still show up for work every day. The reason I say that it absolutely works is because there are hundreds of success stories of people who treated the business like their old job, with dedication and consistency. They may have enjoyed it more, but there was still work to be done, and with any business, there is more to do to get it up and running before you can reap the rewards.
The real key is making the work look and feel like play, so your work life meshes into your leisure time and both are fun and enjoyable, until you just can’t tell one from the other. Mike and Wayne say they are just making a living…….living, so they can also make a living………giving and they have already brought friends who have become like family along for the ride.
I can and will give you lots of other examples of how you can take charge and control of what you do each and every day and live the lifestyle you want or may have dreamed of or is even bigger than any dream. I met a group of law students that followed Mike and Wayne path and when they graduated with high grades from law school, they were also making residual incomes that allowed them to travel and help people in third world countries for a year, instead of taking that a job right out of college, and while they travelled, their income grew, because while they were studying their part time job was an investment in their own company, and while they are away, it is still growing.
The thing that really amazes me as I interact with more and more people creating their own futures rather than being dependant on others for their income, is that they are so different. They backgrounds and interests so diverse. They come from all political persuasions and economic backgrounds and the only thing they really have in common is that they were open to listening, when a friend asked them to come and have a look a company with this new paradigm for sharing. Some of the most successful were actually skeptical and it took months or years for them to be open to listening, but when they saw those around them prospering, and their minds started to open up, and they finally came around, they did not stop and worked with a vengeance once they experienced what was possible. The real truth is, the only way to fail is to give up. Never give up and I will guarantee your success.

Lily Steiner – www.MyMultipleIncomeStreams.com



Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.

Live a Better Life

I know the word on the street is cut back and you will feel better, but I seriously feel better when I am spending money.
I love to go into stores and pick up pretty things and take them home, just because I want to and can.
When I go on vacation, I love to stay in the best hotels and indulge in the spa treatments and order room service that costs more than twice what I would ever pay anywhere else. People do it every day, and I know most of them put it on expense accounts, but I believe everyone has the right to do it just for themselves because they can and because they deserve it.
I know people, no different to you and me, who never look at a bill, and don’t care how big it is when they do. Money is something that is always available and it can be to you too.
Do you know you can make money by showing people how to save money on the best vacations around the world ? Are you aware that you can own an international business that let’s people stay in 5 star and 6 diamond hotel rooms for much less than they would normally pay ? Do you know that you just have to tell people about it and share the information, and that is what can make you the money ?
Not only that, this company will force you to either take a luxury vacation for free or lose the opportunity to do it for another year.
You see lifestyle is not just about spending or traveling, it is about enjoying the experience and improving the quality of your life and your relationships. How much better is life for everyone around you when you are relaxed ?
So why wouldn’t you just do this ? For the same reason you don’t have as much money as you want or need or deserve. You see, you really cannot keep doing exactly what you do every day and have done for years and years and expect to change your life. You really do need to start doing something else.
You need to believe you can to start with, and then do what it takes to make it happen. Most importantly you have to know that you want to change and have a good reason to change to fixate in your mind that it really is not only possible, but attainable and you are the one that can attain it.
Your motivation needs to be as strong as the motivation to lift a car on your own, off a child who has just been trapped under it.
Whatever you believe you can achieve.
I am not suggesting you make luxury vacations your goal so you can rub shoulders with the wealthy. I am suggesting luxury vacations be your goal so you can reconnect to your family and friends in an environment where you get to feel that you are truly blessed and deserving. In an environment that not only looks different, but feels different to your normal every day, where when you open your eyes in the morning, you can look around and see and feel that different things and ways of being and doing and thinking are open to you.
I am not suggesting a get rich quick scheme, but I am suggesting a ‘do something different’ scheme that can fit into your current lifestyle until you are suddenly rich. I am suggesting a company with an environment that will hold your hand and help you, coach you, give you support while you change.
You can see it at http://www.LilyWorldTravel.biz – you can start to live it by clicking on the red tab on the top right hand corner of the web site.

Lily Steiner – www.MyMultipleIncomeStreams.com



Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.

Make More Money When You Go On Vacation

Seriously, you can go on 5 star vacations at 2 star prices and by bringing your friends, increase your bank account while increasing everyone’s happiness. Most importantly make memories for your kids.

Lily Steiner – www.MyMultipleIncomeStreams.com



Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.