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Having a job and regular income in today’s economy is a great thing, and if you love what you do it is nirvana, but it is even better to be able to control what you actually want to earn and not be dependent on the check someone writes you each week or month. Today it is so easy to take back some of that control.  Part time if you have a job, or if you are looking for one, or if you are not working and open to a little or a lot more income.

The new corporation is not squeezing every cent of profit out for themselves, they are sharing with the people helping them build the business. Not because they have developed a huge heart, but because it makes good business sense.  They are going to make a whole lot more money and get greater loyalty from people like you, if they are also helping you get what you want, and making you successful.

Yes, you can be good at what you do, AND actually get paid what you are worth, and there are companies out there who want you to grow your own business and help you succeed because it also helps them grow their business and create greater success, and their way of motivation is sharing the profits. Giving you a piece of that great corporate pie that has made millionaires in the past and is making the billionaires of the future.

There is a trade off, they are paying on performance, and not just because you show up. You do have to get your own desk, but that desk can be at the beach or a coffee shop or overseas, but what a great system ! They still give you all the training, marketing tools and support, and you not only get all the opportunities to make a lot more money, but also to build your own business, usually for a very low investment of around $300 to start and monthly overhead costs of around $100, and if you have ever started a business you realize how ridiculously little that is, especially when you can also get that investment back really quickly.

I have personally met thousands of people who have substantially increased their income this way. I have met tens of thousands who have not. So what is it and what makes the difference between those that do and do not ?

First thing that is really important is that you really look at the opportunity closely. You need to know about the people behind the business, who they are, what their motivation is. You need to believe in the product or service you will be working with, this is key, you need to see the value and it must be something you use yourself.  It is important to get excited, but you also need to make sure the company is legal and solid and has a growth plan.

You need to look at how you get paid, and speak to the people already doing it.  You see, if you are going to put your heart and soul into a business, even one that is not a huge financial investment, you get to interview the company, in just the same way you have been interviewed for a job, because you really are going into business together, and your intention needs to be to hugely succeed, and believe  it will  become your major income source for the future.

So here is the really critical part; know why you want to succeed.

Know clearly and feel strongly why you want to make more money and change your lifestyle. If there is truly nothing you would change in your life, know that and decide if you want to do this for fun, or to help others, what ever it is, just know definitely and passionately why you are going to succeed and why success is not an option but a destination.  Also know that you will need to work with passion for at least a year or two. There are no ‘get rich quick’ schemes.  You may be able to make lots of money quickly if you put in as much effort as you do in a regular job you are good at, but if you want to build a business that will continue to payout over your lifetime, count on at least a couple of great years of success that will pay for an active and early retirement.

So what are some of these new business paradigms that I have been talking about ?  These opportunities are called Network Marketing, or MLM, Multi Level Marketing, or that Pyramid thing, or something I tried, or my friend tried, that never worked out.  If you are fortunate enough to know people who have taken proper advantage of these new business paradigms, you may also have heard them referred to as an Amazing New Business opportunity, something you have to see, or that thing that made John and Mary millionaires in less than a year.

I bought expensive juices and vitamins that are sold in this business model, and the products are great, because I bought them and used them, but could not sell them to my friends or people I met, I just did not see the value. I still use some of these, but never made a penny from them, but there are some other products and services that make much more sense to me and create a win win situation for everyone, so they are the ones I want to share with you with the reasons I see them as a true win win situation for all involved.

The first company that changed my life and opened my mind to this new business environment is World Venture; a travel company that offers lower cost travel while putting the service element back into the travel industry,  and an amazing worldwide travel club, Dreamtrips, that offer 5 star vacations around the world, for 2 and 3 star prices, at a super low cost that is affordable to everyone (a five day cruise for $69). There  are no monthly fees if you share it with 4 people who you want to travel with, and you even get to travel for free if you tell lots of people about it and they join the company.

This company has grown so much since I joined them 6 years ago, they are now International which means that I now own an International Travel Company that let’s people travel at a 5 star level for 2 or 3 star prices, and because it is open overseas, my business is now open 24/7.  The company has just created an amazing social networking site for us that is competing with Facebook but I get paid by the social network MyRovia, and it has lots of ways for my friends to save and make real cash while they are sharing.

You can check it out at: just chose the country you live in from the drop down menu or if you are interested in the business opportunity, go to

Another opportunity I came across that blew me away because their payment system is sheer genius and so lucrative. I put this up front because it is what drew me to the company, but if their products did not resonate with me, I would not have touched this at all. Fortunately their product offering is also incredible.  Just like Costco they find the very best product in a category and then buy it in bulk so they get the very best prices, but unlike Costco, they not only sell it to you for less, they share the profits with you when you refer it to anyone else that also buys one. Can you imagine your bank account now if every time you found a great product at Costco and a friend you told went and got one too, and you got paid !

That is what eCosway is doing, and like Costco, they are setting up real brick and mortar stores all over the world, so you have the choice of shopping on line or at a real store. You get a membership card, just like Costco, but that member number is used to track everyone you refer and everyone they refer for as long as you are a member, so if your neighbor becomes a shopper and goes overseas and recommends it to her friends in other countries and they become members and buy products for years and years and years you keep adding members and get paid an over ride on all of that.  The system they use to make this work is brilliant and makes sense, but you do need to read about if to understand it, because it would, of course make no sense to pay everyone a set percentage, so if this sounds interesting check out the web site: and they are still developing the web site so you need to put in my name, Lily Steiner and my ID# US108131B to log in or buy something.

The products are the best of the best and some are unusual and interesting, and once again, you are building an international business.

I will tell you more about more companies I would recommend as I find them. When you are doing your own research, remember, they need to be great value, not overpriced products just so you can make money. They need to have great executives and management, and they need to be easy to share with others.

I do not suggest you do all of them, but I do encourage you to start with one, that appeals to you, take advantage of the training and resources the company provides and make sure you stay plugged in to the company as much as possible.

I applaud your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and your desire to have more. The more you have the more you can share in all areas of your life. Money gives you the freedom to make choice you really want and not because you ‘have to’.  Imagine where you would spend millions when you have them, not just the things you would buy yourself and your family, although go right ahead and indulge that dream too, but the places you would go, the opportunities you would set up for others. The good the money could do for those that have not yet found your secret to success.

My dream is for every family in India, Africa, every corner of the world to follow their passion and find the business opportunity a new age corporation had developed for them to live their dream. Not a donation, not a hand out, but a global free flowing economy that exchanges money for freedom in life.

Lily Steiner –

Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.


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