The decision to start a business is a serious one, in terms of time, money and energy.  If you are a business owner, you must have considered the expenses both in start up and on going costs, as well as projected income from anticipated sales and numbers of customers daily, weekly and monthly. How much time have you also spent looking at all the different ways to create income in your business ?

I am always amazed at how nail salons and foot spas are able to meet their rent, and also make a profit. They do a wonderful job and charge so little, that even with generous tips from clients, I often wonder if they make enough to really make it worthwhile to come to work day after day.  Especially after spending money on advertising, coupons, direct mail and other marketing necessities.

I would like to give you just one example of how these salons in particular can create additional income for owners. There are other ways which I will cover in other articles, and I am also happy to consult directly with salons.

Buying products to resell to customers then changes the nature of the business and can be costly to maintain stock levels of items to sell in the salon.  A new type of business model, through eCosway makes this easier and more profitable.  eCosway pays you to refer them business. In the same way as you recommend a movie or book to a friend, when you are doing a foot spa or a nail service, you can use a high end moisturizer on the client. You offer the additional service, of moisturizer to the client as an ‘up sell’ or ‘add on’ to the service and let them know they are able to take it home with them. So instead of selling a client a moisturizer, you offer this moisturizer with the service for an additional $10 and they take the rest of tube home with them. Bioglo Intensive Hand & Nail Cream ( The moisturizer costs less than $5 so the salon makes an additional profit, but more importantly, when the client takes the moisturizer home, the salon gives them the web address and street address of where they can buy more of this moisturizer, and the salon ID# to buy it.  Then, every time the client buys this or any other product at eCosway, the salon receives money from the sale and also from any other referrals the client makes to friends. The salon does not need to know them, but because the original item was bought through the ID# of the salon, all sales that come from this will always credit to the salon.

eCosway provides a web site with a back office that allows the salon to log on and see what the activity is on their ID# at any time, and eCosway has stores and customers all over the world, so an ID# in the U.S. also works in China or Malaysia or Vietnam. eCosway sells many other things for the home and car and personal needs, anything bought at their stores or web site is credited to an ID#, so as a salon owner you can be receiving money back on anything bought at the store. You can go to the store web site at: or visit an actual store where they also have business overviews and explain how the salon owner is paid. The total cost of starting the program in your store is only $60 first time and $30 a year.

So, if you have 10 chairs in your salon, and you turn over the chairs only 5 times a day, out of 50 clients only 10 clients a day agree to the ‘special moisturizer’ that is an additional $100 a day or $700 a week, and on top of that you get paid by eCosway once they buy direct.

by Lily Steiner, eCosway ID# US108131A

eCosway stores :

Head Office: 15221 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618

eCosway – 526 East Valley Blvd, Suite B, San Gabriel, CA, 91776 (bet. Delmar and San Gabriel)

Artesia Oasis Plaza – 17801 Suite E Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, CA 90701

Kangen Water Store – 1700 W. Glenoaks Suite E. Glendale, Ca 91201 (corner Western and Glenoaks)

eCosway – 24667 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance CA,90505

Lily Steiner –

Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.




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