Examples of Companies structured to assist you in creating sustainable multiple income streams

(I consult with companies directly to optimize current revenues as well as introducing new income possibilities synergistic with existing business sector and practices. After consultation and analysis I recommend companies below or similar, and you are, of course, also free to explore on your own. )

Please note:

–       You set yourself up in your own business

–       Very low cost of set up, less than $500 in most cases

–       Zero or very low monthly expenses

–       You do not need to buy inventory

–       You are not required to sell anything

–       You need to plug into all training, calls, webinars and workshops

–       You will enjoy the products and should be using them anyway

–       Pick one any one that appeals and take advantage of the system in place to help you succeed i.e. follow the training program

–       You decide how many hours a week you want to commit, and as long as you are consistent and do not quit you will succeed.


Love to travel ? Want to travel ? What if you could also create an additional income stream within the travel industry, with people holding your hand all the way through the process ? What if the company offered you the best training in making this work for you, each and every month, by the people who were already making money with the company ? What if it only cost you $365, $1 a day to start your own business and that was tax deductable ? What if it gave you the option of $99 mini vacations every week and $79 cruises ?  Would you do it ?

www.LilyLovesIt.com or www.LilyWorldTravel.biz

Fat Burning Coffee & Tea

Love coffee, drink it every day ? What if you could drink a healthier, better tasting coffee that also helped you lose weight AND made you additional income just for sharing it with others or telling them about it ? What if this was THE ONLY fat burning coffee in the world ? What if you had a team of people helping you do it ? What if it only cost you $99 to get into this business for yourself and the coffee was delivered to your house every month for free ? What if this coffee and all its product claims were back up by an award winning scientist and available on your own web site that anyone could check out any time of the day or night ? Would you do it ?


Cell phones

What if you could get your monthly unlimited talk, text and data cell phone service for free, and help others get their cell phone service for free ? And what if you could create income for yourself while you do it ?  Would you do it ?

http://www.LilyLikesThis.com  or  www.BestTalkTextData.com

Shopping for Quality & Value

Love to find great new products ? Prefer to buy the best of the best without the higher prices ? What if there were a company that scoured the world for the best products and bought them at super low prices because of the volume they needed, and what if this company got the price even lower by having it made under a different name, but in the same factory as the high end version that cost so much more in other stores ? What if this store was a local store that was run by people like you for the local community, and what if there were thousands of them all over your city ? Would you prefer to buy where people knew you and knew your name ? And what if you not only got the lower prices, but also got paid on everything you bought and everything bought by anyone you referred, anywhere in the world that these stores ? And what if you loved this so much and told so many people that you made so much extra income that the company actually gave you a store of your own for NO COST, they paid all the monthly rent and expenses and you received income from everything sold in the store ? Would you shop there ? Would you buy a membership for only $60 and $30 a year after that ?

www.ShopQualityAndValue.com – ID#: US108131F Lily Steiner



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