Live a Better Life

I know the word on the street is cut back and you will feel better, but I seriously feel better when I am spending money.
I love to go into stores and pick up pretty things and take them home, just because I want to and can.
When I go on vacation, I love to stay in the best hotels and indulge in the spa treatments and order room service that costs more than twice what I would ever pay anywhere else. People do it every day, and I know most of them put it on expense accounts, but I believe everyone has the right to do it just for themselves because they can and because they deserve it.
I know people, no different to you and me, who never look at a bill, and don’t care how big it is when they do. Money is something that is always available and it can be to you too.
Do you know you can make money by showing people how to save money on the best vacations around the world ? Are you aware that you can own an international business that let’s people stay in 5 star and 6 diamond hotel rooms for much less than they would normally pay ? Do you know that you just have to tell people about it and share the information, and that is what can make you the money ?
Not only that, this company will force you to either take a luxury vacation for free or lose the opportunity to do it for another year.
You see lifestyle is not just about spending or traveling, it is about enjoying the experience and improving the quality of your life and your relationships. How much better is life for everyone around you when you are relaxed ?
So why wouldn’t you just do this ? For the same reason you don’t have as much money as you want or need or deserve. You see, you really cannot keep doing exactly what you do every day and have done for years and years and expect to change your life. You really do need to start doing something else.
You need to believe you can to start with, and then do what it takes to make it happen. Most importantly you have to know that you want to change and have a good reason to change to fixate in your mind that it really is not only possible, but attainable and you are the one that can attain it.
Your motivation needs to be as strong as the motivation to lift a car on your own, off a child who has just been trapped under it.
Whatever you believe you can achieve.
I am not suggesting you make luxury vacations your goal so you can rub shoulders with the wealthy. I am suggesting luxury vacations be your goal so you can reconnect to your family and friends in an environment where you get to feel that you are truly blessed and deserving. In an environment that not only looks different, but feels different to your normal every day, where when you open your eyes in the morning, you can look around and see and feel that different things and ways of being and doing and thinking are open to you.
I am not suggesting a get rich quick scheme, but I am suggesting a ‘do something different’ scheme that can fit into your current lifestyle until you are suddenly rich. I am suggesting a company with an environment that will hold your hand and help you, coach you, give you support while you change.
You can see it at – you can start to live it by clicking on the red tab on the top right hand corner of the web site.

Lily Steiner –

Lily is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and is now also working with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.


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